Aeon Timeline caters to those working in a range of industries, with customized templates that allow for a nuanced organization of information and new perspectives on data.

Creative Writing

Project management


Who, where, and when

Know your story

Visualise connections between different people, places and events, and track these relationships using different view types and filtering to gain perspective on your data.

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Creative workflow

Enhance your creative process

Enhance your creative workflow with Aeon Timeline’s dynamic view types. Mindmap View allows you to brainstorm freely, while Spreadsheet View provides a space to enter data quickly and efficiently.

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Art of storytelling

Enhance your storytelling with chronological views to avoid plot holes, while an independent narrative lets you select the parts that belong in your final story. Non-linear narrative? No problem, we have you covered.

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Customize your timeline

Deeper world building

Create items that are specific to your needs, and customize relationships, properties and calendars to suit your story world and allow you to build deeper, richer worlds for your characters to inhabit.

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Stay in sync

Sync your file with Scrivener and Ulysses to tie your storytelling workflow together. Once synced, keep everything up to date without resorting to copy/paste or duplicated data entry.

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