Right Click Context Menus

We’ve added right click context menus to make creating and updating items faster and easier.

Right click on items or in the work views to show the context menu. You can copy or remove items, or quickly perform actions such as changing an items color or locking its dates.

Maximum Date Precision

Timelines can now have a maximum date precision.

To give an example of how this works, setting a timeline to have Month as its maximum precision means that all items will be snapped or rounded to the nearest month or year.

You can set a maximum precision from the Settings panel, available through the cog icon at the top right of the app.

Minor Updates

Timeline View

  • The context lens now shows a tooltip when dragged with what date it is being dragged to.
  • When measuring the distance between items on the timeline, it now includes end-to-start and start-to-end measurements.


  • You can now customize what filters are shown in the filter panel by default. To do this, go to the filter panel and click the settings icon at the top right.
  • List filters, such as color, now have any/all/none options to set how the filter is applied.

CSV Export

  • CSV exports now include ongoing dates, chronological order, initials, short labels, blocking dependencies, date constraints, and image links.

Item Properties

  • List properties can now have options that control whether items are struck out.


  • Added RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) relationships to the Project Management template.



  • Fixed an issue where the app couldn’t sync with Ulysses when sheet titles started with certain special characters.
  • Fixed an issue where setting documents to ignore would reset other syncing assignments.
  • Fixed an issue where after creating new entities in both Timeline and Scrivener and selecting to link them, the Timeline option would disappear when changing the link.
  • Fixed an issue where previously ignored documents couldn’t be changed to be synced to existing events.
  • Fixed an issue where keyword type settings could be ignored, causing extra relationships to be synced.
  • Fixed an issue where changes to synced color names in Scrivener would be reset.

Dependencies and Constraints

  • Fixed a bug where date constraints and age calculations could become incorrect when when customizing the calendar while creating a timeline from a custom template with saved events.
  • Fixed an issue where not all dated items were available as options when creating a dependency
  • Fixed an issue where dependencies weren’t removed when changing an item’s type to a dateless one until reopening the file.

Mindmap View

  • Fixed a display issue where turning on Blocked By could cause text to overflow the item card.
  • Fixed a display issue where relationship icons could be squished for relationships with longer names.

Spreadsheet View

  • Fixed a display issue where tags appeared too large in Spreadsheet view.


  • Fixed an issue where the Relationships tab options would be disabled when selecting multiple items of different types, even if they allowed the same relationships.

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue where Remove from view was available as an option when selecting items in entity panels.
  • Fixed notifications being covered by the inspector.
  • Fixed a bug where the Scroll to Date panel could crash when using a custom calendar.

CSV Import/Export

  • Fixed an issue where dependencies would export as avatar initials instead of identifiers.
  • Fixed an issue where the CSV import panel’s date order option would not default to the app’s date order setting.
  • Fixed an issue where exported items were listed in random order.

Printing and PDFs

  • Fixed an issue where dependency lines could be misaligned when printing Timeline view.
  • Fixed an issue where printing dependencies in Narrative view could cause extra line breaks.
  • Fixed various sizing and alignment issues when printing Spreadsheet view.
  • Fixed performance issues/long wait times when exporting large images/PDFs.
  • Fixed the preview when exporting large images/PDFs to not appear too small.


  • Fixed an issue where large files with special characters could crash when opened.
  • Fixed an issue where Timeline view could temporarily appear blank when viewing a timeline with very long dependency lines.


  • Fixed a potential crash caused when entering invalid link formats.