We know our users share one thing in common. They’re big thinkers. They’re creatives, professionals and information artisans with a knack for telling a compelling story.

Our latest release of Aeon Timeline 3 unleashes your capacity to think even bigger.

Version 3.2 is a significant overhaul of the app’s inner workings so that it can seamlessly support thousands of events and items. The app will be quicker and more responsive for:

  • Timelines made up of over a hundred events
  • Timelines with more than a few dozen entities such as People or Places
  • Large narratives, especially when synced with Scrivener or Ulysses

We love to see users go all-in with their timelines and can’t wait to see what you create.

This release is additionally a step towards several highly anticipated features, including new capabilities for collaboration and sharing. Needless to say, we are extremely excited for versions 3.3 and beyond.

Workflow Improvements

Version 3.2 also includes several improvements to streamline your workflow and make creating timelines easier.

Beautiful Icons

To help you more easily work with multi-type timelines, items now show their icons instead of just coloured dots.

Full Screen Canvas

To maximize your working area, the inspector is now automatically collapsed when not in use.

This behavior can be customized from the inspector icon at the top right of the window. (Mac/Windows only)

Quick Access Filtering

To help you keep track of your data, item counts and applied filters are now shown in the view header.

Get Started Faster

To help you get started planning your story, project, historical or legal timelines, we’ve redesigned the welcome screen and added new starter files that are populated with example content.

Full Release Notes

Large Datasets

  • The app can now handle several thousand items with minimal lag, so you can work with larger timelines more efficiently.

Data Clarity

  • To make items more recognisable and meaningful, we’ve combined an item’s color with its type icon into a single coloured icon. E.g. Green item color + person type icon = green person icon.
  • To help you keep track of your data, each view’s header now displays a count of the number of items in the view, as well as a count of the items that are being filtered out.

Easier Editing

  • To maximise your working space, the inspector will now be automatically hidden when no item is selected on Mac and Windows. You can customise this behaviour from the right panel icon at the top right of the screen.
  • We’ve added quick-entry rows to the entity lists and the mobile app lists for faster data entry.
  • To make it easier to keep track of items as you edit them, items are now highlighted after dragging and dropping them.
  • Keyboard shortcuts have been added to increase, decrease, and reset the zoom level.


  • To help people get started planning their story, project, historical or legal timelines, we’ve redesigned the welcome screen and added new starter files that are populated with example content.
  • We’ve updated the example timelines to better showcase the most relevant features and use cases.


  • Aeon Timeline now syncs with Ulysses' Projects feature.

Spreadsheet and Outline Views

  • Spreadsheet and Outline Views now more clearly show items’ chronological and narrative positions in the leftmost column.
  • You can now copy and paste in Spreadsheet and Outlines Views by first selecting an entire row by clicking on a cell in the leftmost column.
  • Date fields in Spreadsheet View, Outline View, and the inspector now appear blank when they aren’t set rather than showing “None”.
  • Instead of scrolling and causing a large screen jump, Spreadsheet View now shows a sticky row when an edit causes a row to move out of view.
  • The column settings for Spreadsheet and Outlines View are now more accessible through the + column or in the footer.

Timeline View

  • You can now navigate the Timeline context bar with a single click instead of a double-click.
  • We’ve removed some unnecessary whitespace from the Grouped layout in Timeline View.

Relationship View

  • Relationship View now indicates the hovered column and row.

Subway View

  • To improve readability, the Subway view now better adapts its layout to support different font sizes.

Interface and Display

  • The app now defaults to the Light theme for new users.
  • In order to offer you more icon options, we have switch to a standardised icon set. More icon options have been added for item types and calendar markers.
  • Selected items now appear in an active color (blue for most themes) for better visibility.
  • We’ve removed the active color from the work view headers to reduce visual noise.
  • We're added the option to show each related item type on a new line in item cards.
  • Zoom options have been added for iPad and iPhone in the View Display Settings panel.

Custom Templates

  • Custom templates can now include relationships.


  • In Windows, when the app doesn’t have the necessary permissions to update, it will now prompt for permissions rather than failing silently. Note that this will only start to take effect with the next release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some changes made in Scrivener would not be synced when quickly switching from Scrivener and syncing before Scrivener could save the changes. Now, the app will display a message when the file has changed on disk and cancel the sync. In this situation, you will need to click Sync again to bring over the newly saved changes.
  • The validation when adding a link is now less strict and won’t wipe out the link on validation error.
  • Fixed many additional bugs.