Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a timeline pro, we want to help make your planning process as easy as possible.

We’ve unified how entities are sorted across the app, to help with everything from organizing characters, to spotting duplicates while entering data from multiple sources.

In addition to being able to drag and drop, you can now automatically sort lists of people, places, and other entities by label, color, or date.

Your chosen order will be reflected across:

  • Entity lists
  • Columns in Relationship View
  • Tracks in Subway View
  • Groups in Timeline View
  • Lists of related items in the Inspector
  • Dropdowns across the app

Sortable Calendar Markers

You can now drag and drop calendar markers to set their order, or choose to automatically sort them by label, color, or date.

Subway View Track Order

When choosing to show intersections in Subway view, you can now choose between having the app arrange tracks automatically to minimise crossovers (as it previously always did), or by your set sort order.

Additional Updates and Fixes

Timeline View

  • The Timeline View header now shows a short message when there are items that aren’t shown on the timeline due to not having dates set.

Calendar Picker

  • The calendar picker now greys out dates that cannot be selected. For example, if you are setting an event’s end date, dates before the event starts will be greyed out.

Entity panels

  • The entity panel add rows now have dropdowns to select to create parent item types, such as Character Groups in the Characters panel. This replaces the Create dropdown at the top of the panel.
  • The sidebar + button will now allow you to create items of types that aren’t shown by themselves in the sidebar, but that are parents of types that are. For example, if you have a Character Group type that is hidden from the sidebar but Characters are shown, you can now use the + button to create a character group in the characters panel.


  • Fixed an issue where some Windows users were asked to login to the app too frequently.
  • Added additional logging to diagnose auto-update issues for affected Windows users.