Aeon Timeline 3.0.12 has been released for Mac and Windows. An iOS release for 3.0.12 will be coming shortly, but has been temporarily held up by a slow Apple review process.

Most significantly on Desktop, this update fixes a number of issues related to Scrivener syncing:

  • Fixed a bug where preferred date order was ignored when syncing short dates to Scrivener text custom metadata fields (date fields are unaffected)
  • Allows user to change Documents to Folders in narrative without syncing changing them back
  • Fixed bug where Unicode characters entered by Ctrl+Enter were not recognised as a line separator
  • Added workaround to Scrivener issue that could prevent setting an image for a newly synced document

In addition, 3.0.12 enables the following functionality:

  • Adds option to delete a mindmap: On Desktop, this can be found in the footer. On iPad, this can be found at the bottom of the View Settings panel.
  • Adds "remove from view" option to iOS app, which allows for removing items from a mindmap without deleting them, as well as easier access to remove items from the narrative. This can be found in the overflow (...) menu after entering edit mode.
  • Adds ability to lock dates for multiple selected items at once
  • In hourly calendar modes, allow date ranges to have time rather than day precision

And fixes the following bugs:

  • Fixed bug in CSV exporting where absolute dates were exported for relative calendar formats
  • Fixed bug where negative sign was not shown correctly for hourly calendar formats
  • Fixed bug where timeline header would not respect 12-hour vs 24-hour date format
  • Fixed error message in filter panel when changing focused views with popover open
  • Fixed issue resizing columns in table views when text size is not 100%
  • On Windows, fixed app to open links from licensing page
  • On Windows, sets the document icon for version 2 timeline files
  • Fixed various minor display issues

To update:

  • Mac/Windows via our website: Your app will detect and install the update automatically using the in-built auto-update system.
  • Mac App Store: You will need to download the update through the AppStore (your device may be configured to install it automatically, but this typically happens overnight, so you may want to force the update sooner).
  • iOS App Store: Update as per Mac App Store above, once the app has been released to iOS. The app will notify you when the update is available.

We will release another update early next week with some performance improvements for larger timelines.