Aeon Timeline 3.0.13 has been released for Mac and Windows, with an iOS release due shortly once it passes Apple review.

This update includes the following changes:

  • Performance improvements for large timelines. We will continue to investigate further changes we can make to improve performance and bottlenecks.
  • Fixes an issue where users in read-only mode (or with an expired trial) may see a blank screen instead of the app
  • Fixes a bug where adding children into a parent item may erase properties of that parent item
  • Fixes a bug that can prevent Item Type Advanced Settings to open correctly

Not logged in or mid-trial? Download from our website

Users who are currently in read-only mode (because they chose to enter read-only mode, have not started a trial, or have an expired trial) should download the latest installer from (or wait for the update to become available via the Mac App Store).

The automatic updater will actually work if you let the app download the update and then restart the app, but the bug will prevent the interface from signalling to you when the update is available, so it will be easier to just download the new installer.

iOS Users

Our last update was held up by a minor issue with Apple review (Apple is suddenly quibbling over a support link to our website we included in our app description, despite approving it about 6 times previously across Mac and iOS).

We have hopefully changed this to their liking now, so we hope to have this new version approved promptly, which will include these and the previous changes.