3.2.22 has been released with the following fixes:

Timeline View

  • Fixed a bug where dependency lines would sometimes not show in Timeline View when scrolling away from the related item.


  • Fixed a bug where time measurements/character ages would always show “from start” rather than “since end” when applicable.

Printing and Image Export

  • Fixed a bug where Subway View’s date headers weren’t printed.
  • Fixed a bug where some Subway View lines wouldn’t get printed if they were only partially on the page.
  • Fixed a bug where date text and compact displays would print and export too light on the Light and Mellow themes.
  • Fixed a bug where timeline ticks would export to light on the High Contrast themes.
  • Fixed a bug where compact displays would export as black text on a black background on the High Contrast Light theme.

Copy and Paste

  • Fixed a bug where date constraints that depend on other items wouldn’t copy correctly when copying and pasting the related items.


  • Fixed a bug where the work view headers and toolbars could shift and become mispositioned on MacOS Sonoma.
  • Fixed a bug where Cmd + Delete wouldn’t delete an item in Spreadsheet and Outline views when selecting a whole row.

Upgrading from Version 2

  • Fixed a bug where files would fail to upgrade if they had an event set at 1AD.