Complete flexibility

Build a deeper, richer timeline

Create custom items

Start timelines using custom templates for your industry (creative writing, legal cases, project management, education and history).

Add your own custom item types to represent additional concepts in your timeline.

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Create connections

Each template comes with its own set of relationship types that define how different items can relate to each other.

Turn off the relationships you don't need, or add your own to specify additional relationships relevant to your project.

Explore relationships

Define your data

Each template defines a set of property fields that can be edited for each item.

Add your own fields, and decide whether to apply them to an individual type or to share them across all types.

Custom calendars

Configure your calendar to suit a variety of needs, including real-world dates and arbitrary hourly, daily or weekly calendars.

Working on a historical project? Configure your leap years to follow the Julian calendar.

Telling an off world story? Define your own eras, months and weekdays to suit your fantasy world.

Share templates

When you modify your project settings, save the changes in a custom template to re-use in future projects.

Import custom templates to benefit from the work of others, or share templates of your own.

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