Creative workflow

Input, edit, and analyse data your way

Easy Data Entry

Input your data quickly and efficiently with Spreadsheet View.

Flesh out your initial ideas without getting tied down by dates before you are ready.

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Split Views

Split the screen to work between multiple view types, combining the benefits of rapid spreadsheet data entry and the graphical timeline and subway views.

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Drag and Drop

Drag items between views: drop people and events into a mindmap to brainstorm, or drop scenes into a narrative to plan your story.

Drag items across the timeline to adjust start and end dates, or drag to reorder items in your spreadsheet or narrative.

Inspect and compare

Easily view events for a specific person, place, or other custom field with filters.

Stack multiple views with different filters to compare the timelines for different people, projects, or concepts.

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Get started in a snap

Get started quickly with predefined templates for a wide range of uses and industries.

Import CSV data or sync with your writing project to pull in existing data, or use Spreadsheet View to quickly start jotting down ideas.

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Material from Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie incorporated under license from Agatha Christie Ltd.