Different views

A suite of tools to visualise and edit time-based data

Timeline View

Visualise your events in Timeline View.

Choose how much detail to show about each event, or use compact mode to see an overview of your events.

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Spreadsheet View

Input data quickly and efficiently with Spreadsheet View.

Get down and order your initial project ideas without setting dates for every event.

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Relationship View

Assign and view how events relate to people and places in Relationship View.

Quickly assign new relationships by clicking on intersections

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Subway View

View how individual threads of people, story arcs and concepts are intertwined with Subway View.

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Narrative View

Select events from your backstory to include in your narrative, and order them independently of your timeline with Narrative View.

Structure your story into folders representing Parts, Chapters, and Acts.

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Mindmap View

Brainstorm the relationships between events, people, and places in a freeform space with Mindmap View.

Create multiple mindmaps to explore different aspects of your project.

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Material from Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie incorporated under license from Agatha Christie Ltd.