Who, where, and when

Connect people and places

History is not just about events, but the people, places and ideas that connect them. Build these relationships to explore and visualise aspects of your timeline.

Enhance research timelines with sources, documents, and your own custom types.

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Dig into data

Visualise connections

View how people, ideas and advances in culture and technology are connected using Relationship and Subway Views.

Use stacked split views to compare timelines for different civilizations, innovations, or historical figures.

Comparing across eras? Split screens and unlock scroll syncing to view different time ranges in each view.

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Complete flexibility

Customise your timeline

Create content specific to your academic needs. Start with one of our standard education templates, and then add your own item types, relationships and properties to record every facet of your research.

Save your settings as custom templates that can be easily reused or shared with others.

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Advanced date features

Time and date options

Lock events with exact known dates to ensure they are not inadvertently moved as your research timeline develops.

Historical accuracy lost in time? Represent uncertainty by specifying earliest/latest ranges for event start and end dates.

Record dates and times down to the second, or simply record years or months. Enter dates as distant as billions of years ago.

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Bring data to life

Create timelines for classroom

Store information and links about events to share with students. Share your timeline with anyone who downloads the app and they will be able to browse, search, and filter your timeline. Aeon Timeline is free to use in read-only mode.

Print and display your timelines for classrooms. Export images or PDFs to share in presentations, essays, or articles.

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Easy data input

Get started in a snap

Aeon Timeline comes with predefined templates designed for educational use.

Once you’ve chosen your template, import CSV files to quickly pull in your existing data. Alternatively, input your data quickly and efficiently with Spreadsheet View.

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