Gain perspective on time

[Intro about how the basic idea is you plot events on a timeline]


[Intro about how Timeline helps different types of users gain new perspectives on their data]

Creative Writing
Legal Cases
[Scales of justice]
Project management
[Bar chart]
[Grad cap]

Relate People and Places

Who, where, and when

  • You can keep track of characters and places
  • You can relate them to events
  • You can explore and filter that data
[Stylised timeline view component combined with simple illustrations of people/places]
Creative Workflow

A new creative process

[You can input data via mindmap]
[You can input data via spreadsheet]
[A whole new way to work]

[Stylised mindmap and spreadsheet view components]

Art of storytelling

[You can track a separate narrative that tells a non-linear story]

[Illustration of a book with chapters]
Complete Flexibility

Customize your timeline

[Custom item types]
[Custom relationships]
[Custom item properties]
[Custom calendars]

[Stylised item type settings component]

Stay in Sync

[Sync with Scrivener and Ulysses]
[Stays in sync, no need to copy and paste your data]
[Export your timeline or only selected items as image or csv]

[Illustration of a stylised Timeline view component being synced with another window]