Legal cases

Time, organised

Track your case

Enhance your legal case management by creating a timeline to help visualise key elements of your case.

Use Spreadsheet View for fast data entry, and then view your events and facts plotted out in Timeline View.

Create time entries to the second when required, and lock event dates after creation to ensure data integrity.

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Who, where, and when

Important case details

Map connections between known events and facts of each legal matter with the specific people, places, and documents involved.

Visualise how different elements of the case relate to one another with Relationship and Subway View.

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Data insights

Filter and analyse

Use stacked split views to compare and corroborate different versions of events, and analyse different theories of your legal case

Apply global filters to remove clutter and focus on specific issues, or apply a local filter to each view to aide visual comparison of the legal matters in question.

All data added to events can be used in additional filters to refine each view, giving you complete control of what you want to visualise or present.

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Advanced date features

Time and date options

When details matter, record dates and times down to the second.

Not sure of exact dates? Represent uncertainty by specifying earliest/latest ranges for event start and end dates.

Find inconsistencies by using constraints and dependencies to set out logical sequences of events, and be alerted whenever a constraint is violated.

Lock events to ensure no accidental edits.

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Prepare your argument

Prepare your case for trial using Narrative View to construct your legal argument.

Select, group, and order events and facts from your timeline. Build a logical argument that is supported with links back to the original data.

Prepare a trial timeline to present key facts of the case or to highlight inconsistencies in witness testimony.

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Complete flexibility

Customise your timeline

Every legal case has its own complex data needs. Create your own custom item types, relationships and properties to represent the facts that are important for your case.

Whether you work in family court or corporate law, save and share custom templates preconfigured to your legal speciality to save time on future cases.

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Share your timeline

Share your timeline with anyone who downloads the app and they will be able to browse, search, and filter your timeline. Aeon Timeline is free to use in read-only mode.

Export images and PDFs of your timeline to present during a case, or import/export CSV data to work with other legal case management tools.

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Easy data input

Get started in a snap

Aeon Timeline comes with predefined templates designed for legal cases.

Once you’ve chosen your template, import CSV files to quickly pull in your existing data. Alternatively, input your data quickly and efficiently with Spreadsheet View.

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