Relate people and places

Track the people and places in your timeline

Who, what, where

Add people and places to your timeline, and relate them to your events.

Existing templates add specialised concepts such as Story Arcs for creative writing or Sources for legal cases, or add your own custom item types and fields.

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Connect your data

Track and view how events relate to people, places, and your own custom items with Relationship View.

See the people recur most frequently, and the events that get everyone involved.

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Visualise Connections

View how individual threads of people, story arcs and concepts are intertwined with Subway View.

See when people's timelines intersect and when they drift apart.

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Plot and Brainstorm

Brainstorm new people, concepts, events and more in a freeform Mindmap View.

Create multiple mindmaps to represent different aspects of your story.

Relationships created in mindmaps automatically carry over to other views.

Dig into data

Get focused

Use filters to focus on a particular person’s events. Split the screen to stack different people's timelines for easy comparison.

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Ages and durations

Add birth and death dates to automatically calculated ages at each event.

Use your timeline to see a visual representation of a person's lifespan.