Stay organised

Tools to keep your data tidy

Data overview

Use compact mode to see an overview of your events, highlighting gaps and under- or over-utilised resources.

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Filter and compare

Add filters globally to reduce clutter, or apply them to individual views to compare different data sets and timelines.

All relationships and properties added to events can be combined to form rich filters that narrow your content to exactly what you need.

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Nested events

Group sub-events under larger parents to stay organised. Collapse parents for a clutter-free overview, or expand items to see more detail.

Calculate properties such as a completion status based on an item's children.

Date constraints

Use date constraints and dependencies to limit where your timeline events can move relative to other items or specific dates.

Warnings will alert you to any violated constraints, or use auto-resolve to keep things in order as you work.

Nest people and places

Organise people into groups based on Teams, friendship groups, or the role they play in your story.

Nest places underneath other places to build a hierarchy of countries and cities, or houses and rooms.

Locked dates

Lock individual item dates to ensure fixed or important items are not moved by accident or to resolve constraints.