Aeon Timeline Beta Program

Get early access to upcoming features and improvements for Mac, Windows, and iOS.


You must have already purchased an account to join the beta program.

Our pre-release beta builds can be unstable, so create a backup copy of your files before opening them. It is important to note that files you open in a beta build may become incompatible with stable release builds.

Sending feedback

To send feedback on a beta release or to report a bug, please post on the Beta forum and provide as much detail as possible. You can also email us at


Q: Can I install both the beta and release versions on my computer?
A: No. The beta version will be applied to all installations and devices associated with your account.

Q: How do I opt out of the beta program?
A: Fill out this form and then confirm your email to opt out.

Join the Beta

We regularly confirm new beta program members at the start of each notable release cycle. We will email you when your request is processed.

Once you are accepted into the beta program, your app will start receiving pre-release versions. For iOS, you will be sent a link to download the beta iOS app.