Aeon Timeline 3.0.21 has been released for Mac, Windows, and iOS. It contains several new additions and a number of bug fixes.

For Windows users who have experienced auto-update issues due to using a on-admin Windows account, you will need to manually download and install this update. The problem has now been fixed, so auto-update should work normally for any subsequent update.

Major Improvements and New Features

Spreadsheet view

  • Spreadsheet view now has a Tags column where you can show and edit item tags. To enable the column, go to Spreadsheet view and click the > arrow in the table header.
  • Columns can now be sorted by both ascending and descending order.

Performance improvements

We’ve added lots of performance improvements to help the app load and respond faster, particularly in Subway view.

The app should now load large files much faster.

Updates and Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where files saved to OneDrive would constantly show a “Your file cannot be autosaved” message.


  • Fixed an issue where files would incorrectly notify that they were modified on a different device.


  • The dropdown now has a search bar when choosing which item to sync a Scrivener/Ulysses document to.
  • Fixed an issue syncing to a Scrivener project using external folders, where Scrivener would reload every document in the external folder after syncing, instead of only reloading those that had changed.

Relationship view

  • Fixed an issue where Relationship view would crash when customising item types from the template and upgrade wizards.


  • Fixed performance issues with printing and image exporting, where it could take several minutes to generate the print preview particularly for Subway view.
  • Fixed a bug where Spreadsheet view could not be printed if it showed relationship or numerical property columns.
  • Fixed issues with printing Spreadsheet view where the identifier, short label, and colour dot sizing could be off.
  • Fixed an issue with printing Spreadsheet where the borders for the last column could be missing.

CSV Export

  • Fixed an issue where list properties would export as internal references rather than their labels.


  • On iPhone and in iPad entity lists, the arrow to expand parent items has been moved to the right to allow more space for deeply nested items.


  • Fixed an issue where Windows auto updates wouldn’t work if not in administrator mode. Affected users will need to manually install this update, but subsequent updates should then install correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where links in release notes wouldn’t open the browser.


  • Fixed an issue where Mac App Store version could crash importing or opening files with invalid link paths.

Bug Reporting

  • There is now a button to copy device/app information to the clipboard in the About window, to help with filing bug reports.