Build precise case chronologies

Consolidate sources and documents into an interactive timeline. Get a clear picture of your case's facts and events.

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Develop your strategy and strengthen your argument

Differentiate facts in your favor from facts that work against you. Construct your legal argument and prepare your case for trial. Build a logical argument that is supported with links back to the original data.

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Aeon Timeline for Chronologies: Watch Now

See how Aeon Timeline can help you create and manage chronologies, and consolidate and visualize important events, actions, and facts.

Find patterns and corroborate stories

Easily see all facts and events connected to specific issues. Use stacked timelines to compare testimonies from different witnesses.

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Completely customizable to suit your practice

Create custom types and properties to structure your case's data. Save and share custom templates to save time on future cases.

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A visual hub for your entire case

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