Timeline of events

Visualise your data

Customize your data

Choose what to show

Choose how much detail is shown for your events. Show images, summary text, related people and places, event durations, and more.

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Filter and segment

Compare timelines

Use stacked split views to compare timelines for different people, projects, or story arcs.

All relationships and properties added to events can be used in additional filters to refine each view, or to apply global filters across all views.

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Date capabilities

Known and unknown dates

Record dates and times down to the second, or specify only months or years.

Unsure of exact dates?
Represent uncertainty by specifying earliest/latest ranges for event start and end dates.

Not ready to schedule events yet?
Include dateless events in your Spreadsheet and refine them later.

Set up dependencies

Need to ensure one event finishes before another starts? Use dependencies and constraints to warn you if things get out of order, or turn on auto-resolve to move everything with a single action.

Mark your place

Mark important dates and global or recurring events with calendar markers to help navigate without cluttering your timeline.

Customise your timeline

Set a time range

Timelines can be fixed between two dates, or span across infinity. Zoom in to view events to the second, or zoom out to see events span across millenia.

Custom calendars

Use standard calendars with real dates, or use hourly, daily and weekly calendars to create relative timelines without hard dates.

Create custom calendars to represent historical calendars (e.g. Julian calendars) or your own fantasy worlds.

Get an overview

Use compact mode to see an overview of your events, highlighting gaps and under- or over-utilised resources.